About me


My name is Anne Kirkham. I was born in 1973 in the US and grew up in the cultural richness of the San Francisco Bay Area. I started experimenting with henna in the mid-1990s and found my way to the fabulous Gilded Lilies in Seattle in 1997. ( There, I became fluent in the numerous traditional and modern styles of henna as well as the ability to interpret the wishes of a wide range of clients.

As a teenager I would draw henna-like patterns on my hands, knowing that women 'somewhere' had these traditional designs. My father is a fine artist and his father was a cartoonist, so I grew up surrounded by art and design, but the filigree, the dense, and the symmetrical have always fascinated me the most. Learning about henna has expanded my horizon and blessed me with connections to people from all around the globe. Because henna is ancient and has been used by so many cultures, it is truly a vehicle for peace and intercultural understanding.

Now, with over fifteen years' experience in henna body art, I bring my passion and commitment to this natural, ancient form of body adornment to northern Germany, where I live with my family.

I am available for henna parties of all kinds, from traditional to modern, and can also help design your ritual in a respectful and sensitive way - just ask! I very much look forward to hearing from you!

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