The Henna Season is upon us!

Please ask me about your henna needs - from traditional to modern, I can do it all! I also create unique gift certificates - just ask!

Please note that I am very busy this season, and will be from July 12-July 21 and from July 30-Aug 6th on holiday with my family; I am otherwise available throughout the summer, please do ask well in advance!


Are you thinking of hiring a henna artist for your wedding, engagement party, Night of the Henna, Sangeet, or Bachelor(ette) party? Then you've come to the right place. I have been doing wedding henna since the 1990s and can help you make your special day the way you want it. From fancy bridal henna with a consultation and test beforehand, to henna on all the wedding party, or henna for the bride, both families, and all the guests including the little ones - no problem! Just ask and we can make your wedding henna experience perfect for your special day.

NEW - Henna Healing. With ancient healing symbols we can work together to decorate you for health, strength, or personal growth. No matter what kind of injury or emotional wound or trauma, I can help you through the process so that the henna itself helps make the wound disappear. Having experienced this lovely 'side effect' of henna myself with several operations, I am now offering my clients the chance to create a ritual which helps you heal - no matter what the wound is.

I also paint with henna on wood or leather and have many lovely jewelry boxes and similar items on offer, and can do custom work as well. I can also design your tattoo or other pattern (for example a wall border) - just let me know!

Appointments, information about henna by telephone: 0421 24 69 779 oder 0176 25 46 90 91

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